Laddawan Yaimanee

- LL.M. in French and European Law, Cergy-Pontoise University

- LL.M. International Commercial Law, Dundee University

- Bachelor of Education, Silpakorn University

- Bachelor of Political Science, Sukhothai Thammathirat University

- Bachelor of Law, Chulalongkorn University

       I always ask myself what the way to improve and develop my country; Thailand. I thought it may be law; then I studied law. I am currently a judge in Ratchaburi Provincial Court. However, it seems not the final answer. From my experience as a judge, there are many cases which could not solve by law in the court. The statistic of crime and prisoners still increase every year. During my work, I always suspect that only law and currently implementation, we could not find the solution and guide this country to the brighter future. It is not enough to stay in the court room and write the judgement. We should understand human behaviors, social attitude and the interaction. Criminology may be the answer of that. Then, I decided to continue my Ph.D., 10 years after my Master. In my opinion, changing the society and creating the new era of justice, we should understand people and the circumstance. Chulalongkorn University is the place where given me a chance to the field of law, I have deep respect and expect for the university. I wish to do some research focusing on the social phenomenon among people and hate crime.






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By :  Dr.Nathee Chitsawang

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